March 27, 2009

Gorjuss Origins

We are so excited here at Gorjuss! We are busily preparing our first range for summer 09/10 and we be releasing it over the next few this space!

We thought that before we do that it might be nice to share where we got our name from!

I wanted it to be short, simple and girly. It took me months and I went through many different names but they always seemed to wear off after a short period.

Gorjuss finally came after a chat with my youngest daughter, her hairdresser at the time drove a bright pink/purple car that was the worst thing she had ever seen, however she loved that the number plate was gor jess - due the the fact that her name was Jess.

I instantly loved it and searched for the domain name etc but Gorjess it had been snapped up by a make up artist .........also named Jess!

Anyway with a little tweaking......


Gorjuss was born and I love love love it. Now when I look at my logo I don't think it would look as good with an 'e'.

So I want to shout out a big Thank You to Jess the hairdresser with the ugly car that inspired a beautiful name that I think sums up my clothing nicely!

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